CEM120 installation and first light

July 29, 2019

Celestron’s fork mount for the C11 is rock solid and very reliable. It was the work-horse for the last 3 years of observations. However for exposures longer than 30 - 60 seconds it gets unwieldy. Sometimes half of the exposures are thrown away and even then the good ones are not fantastic. The CEM120 from iOptron is a fairly new mount on the market with an unusual centre balanced design. A claimed ±3.5 arcsec periodic error, through the mount cabling and 52kg equipment capacity make it look really good on paper. So we went ahead and deforked the C11 and installed a CEM120.

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Perseid meteor activity 3 days before max.

August 9, 2016

Activity seems very low. Some small meteors captured at the end of the video. Video ends at 1:15am IST on Aug 9th. Capture was made using an ZWO ASI120MM camera with a fish eye lens. This camera, which is normally used as the guide camera for the main telescope was temporarily attached to the observatory wall. FireCapture was used with 30sec exposures and 70% gain. Final processing in iMovie.

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